Wakari Kindergarten

wakari kindergarten
02 Wakari Polyhedron Construction

Wakari Kindergarten in Dunedin has an established and experienced teaching team who encourage children to learn, play and explore. The staff have an ethos about them that steers their kindergarten toward developing the children, and their learning, while they have fun. When the kindergarten’s playground began to show its age, Kate Couling a teacher’s assistant, asked the Otago Masonic Charitable Trust if they could help with the cost of replacement of some of the equipement.
Young kids are a bit of a soft spot were the Trust’s membership is concerned, so needless to say, they were pleased to help.

04 Wakari Group Planning 2018
01 Wakari Kinder 2016
03 Wakari Group Learning
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Wakari Kindergarten:     www.dunedinkindergartens.org.nz
What is Freemasonry:     www.lodgestpatrick.co.nz

05 Wakari 3 Santas