Some examples of previous recipients







  Arthur Burns Preschool, using a grant received in 2021, purchased purchase much needed new lunch tables, chairs and art tables.  
  Diabetes NZ-Otago representative, Gwenda Farquarson, was very grateful to receive a Grant
for the purchase of a computerised image projector for educational purposes. Gwenda thanked the OMCT and addressed the audience, informing them that the Region would benefit enormously from the use of the projector to better inform the populace regarding this debilitating, yet too common, disease. Councillor Andrew Noone presented the cheque.



Cruise ship passengers, tourists and any passers-by who ventured near Dunedin’s renowned Chinese Gardens on a sunny Saturday morning were surprised to see a colourful, musical event on show as the ladies of the Dunedin Chinese Association put on a dazzling display of dance and yao gu (waist drums) as they practised for forthcoming events in the city.

When they contacted the Otago Masonic Charitable Trust (OMCT), the Chinese Ladies Association were in the process of raising funds for urgently needed replacement costumes and drums to enable them to continue to practise and perform their ancient art. Although, as they told us, they did not think that they would be considered, they applied to the OMCT for financial assistance for the new equipment and within eight short weeks their wish had been granted.

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Sticks ‘n’ Stones is an anti-bullying initiative set up by young people for young people.  Emily Boud (17) and Ally Nicholls (17) are two founder members of Sticks ‘n’ Stones and assisted in raising funds for the organisation through Central Otago Rural Education Activities Programme (COREAP) via the Central Otago District of the Otago Masonic Charitable Trust (OMCT).  Spokesperson for Sticks ‘n’ StonesKarla Sanders, thanked the OMCT for their financial assistance and sent the following report:

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Innovative learning is a very important factor at Waiwera Primary and Melissa Ward, Principal, explained how the OMCT’s grant was put towards the purchase of six ottomans for the Innovative Learning Environments on the premises.

“Finding money in small rural schools can be hard; since one of our focuses is small class sizes, this sees the Board of Trustees concentrating on funding a teacher,” Melissa explained.

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“In Central Otago, a Grant has been approved to go to the Clyde Volunteer Fire Brigade for LED torches specially adapted to fit on firefighters’ helmets to allow them to work in darkness with both hands free.”



Royal Dunedin Male Choir

In a typical year, the choir performs two concerts in the Town Hall as well as various concerts for residents at various Rest Homes in Dunedin.  Indeed, at the time of our presentation the choir were on the road, performing their Mid-winter Concert and the assembled Masonic contingent were suitably surprised when stalwart, long-time Freemason, Don Barkman, made time to attend the OMCT event, since Don is usually performing in the choir! A Grant was used to provide the Choir with Concert Folders.



Kaka Point Surf Lifesaving Club

In South Otago a Grant was being made to the Kaka Point Surf Lifesaving Club who had fallen expensively foul of upcoming new Health & Safety Regulations.  The new regulations state that from next year it will be compulsory for Surf Lifesavers to wear helmets when operating surf canoes, surf boats and IRB’s – a huge expense for a small club.

An OMCT Grant now allows the Lifesaving Club continue to operate by having this new safety gear in their possession for the following summer.




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