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The Peel Forest Outdoor Centre run camps for youth development.



Eliot and I have just finished this years Eddy Out program and we thought we’d let you know what we got up to!
As you know it was an 8 day program and we managed to squeeze a lot in.

We tackled the high ropes course at Geraldine high school, had an abseiling and river safety adventure day at the Orari gorge.
We then packed up our bags and embarked on a 3 day journey through Mt Somers. We stayed in a hut by amazing volcanic rock formations the first night then walked over a sub alpine saddle the next day to find a great place to spend the afternoon rock climbing. Once finished with that we continued walking and pitched our tents for the night. On day three of the tramp we explored hidden waterfalls near our campsite. Once we were done tramping we rafted down the Rangitata river and then fired the pizza oven for our last dinner.

At the end of each day we had a journaling session which helped reflect on challenges overcome, goals and how to take these learnings into their day to day life.  Furthermore every student had a go at Rangatira (leadership) role throughout the eight days.
Throughout the week we saw laughter, tears, frustration and nerves. Although the week was challenging and brought out these range of emotions we believe this week was a huge success. We feel each student has challenged themselves, grown and will take away these learnings to their day to day life.
We’ve attached some photos of the highlights.
Thank you very much very much for donating this camp to the Peel Forest Outdoor Centre.











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