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In 2013 V Wor Bro Fred Staub left as part of his Will a bequest to the OMCT for Educational purposes.  Because of his long association with the teaching of art in Dunedin, including being a Head of School, at the Dunedin School of Art, the OMCT initiated an association with the Otago Polytech / Dunedin School of Art.

This takes the form of twice annually donations to support the Schools annual programme of Seminars, exhibitions and Artists in Residence. The majority of these events are open to the public, but also add to the students opportunities for interacting with ‘out of Dunedin’ artists and art experts in a number of fields.


Some example of the art produced


If sculptor Jerry S. Howlett was attempting to creep-out his audience then he completely succeeded with this massive, macabre creation.


The detail in the disturbing sculpture ‘Prometheus Bound’ compelled visitors to return again and again. Though it is certain they would have fled if the lighting had failed!


An extraordinary conglomeration of materials makes for truly extraordinary jewellery as in this piece, ‘Tyrian Crab’ by Meg van Hale.


It is difficult to do justice to the size of her paintings, but large canvases by Madison Kelly towered over the main entrance to the Dunedin School of Art’s ‘SITE’ exhibition.


It’s not such an easy task to capture “youth” or “young age” within a portrait, but Chelsea Hayes manages well in this loosely rendered oil.


“Otago Landscapes” by Jemma Russell.
Acrylic on Perspex.


Susan Nunn’s ‘After Dinner’, which is an indictment on fast food’s encroachment into leisurely family dinners, causing these to become a thing of the past. Everything in this display is sewn.


Jeweller Alison Wallace says that she attempts “to make beautiful jewellery out of discarded trash.” Though no owner of her work would wish to discard her captivating creations


‘Help Me’ was created with desperation reflecting Megan Griffiths’ utter frustration with off-shore call centre inefficiencies.


Through quick rendition artist Craig Cook is able to imbue his work with great movement - quite a feat when one considers that his subject is basically a landscape!





Then Head of the Dunedin School of Art, Professor Leoni Schmidt stands beside a banner promoting the Fred Staub Open Art initiative. A sculptor and Freemason, Fred Staub worked for 26 years for the DSA and would have been proud that his legacy now assists with the education of new artists in the 21st century.

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